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Jarec Wentworth Body Shots

More Body Shots of Jarec Wentworth then fucks Phenix Saint

Jarec Wentworth has been in so many photo shoots fr]or real and for porn that it’s easy to mistake a real one from a fake one. Jarec Wentworth poses for photographer Phenix Saint in a loft and fucks him in Body Shots. Even a straight man can’t resist the allure of Jarec Wentworth’s hot body and huge cock. Phenix’s tight ass soon adjusts to enormity of Jarec’s cock and he gets banged deep and hard, just too bad Phenix can’t maintain an erection.

11/08/2014 more...

Landon Conrad Popular as Ever After Falcon

After separating from Falcon a few months ago, Landon Conrad remains hot and popular as ever. Now with some meat on his bones versus the lean six pack abs during his Falcon days, Landon Conrad‘s appearance in 2 scenes recently goes on to show he’s popular with or without Falcon. Today Landon Conrad bottoms for Isaac Jones in The Inside Job at Men At Play which he shot when he was in London in September. Earlier Landon Conrad fucked Phenix Saint at Str8 To Gay titled Romeo And Mercutio from Romeo and Juliet.

Landon Conrad also fucked J.R. Bronson at and banged Mitchell Rock at Deep Inside Part 1.

10/11/2012 more...

Phenix Saint Tops Dylan Roberts at Cocksure Men and Orgy at

After a one month retirement back in May 2012, Phenix Saint returns fucking Dylan Roberts twice this week. Phenix Saint tops Dylan Roberts at Cocksure Men and I love the moans as Dylan gets plowed and holds onto the bedsheets fist tight. Then Dylan Roberts is the horny patient at with a team of doctors and nurses including Phenix Saint, Trevor Knight, Jessy Ares and Chris Tyler taking care of his illness.

28/07/2012 more...
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