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quentin elias
Quentin Elias

Quentin Elias Dead At Age 34, possibly 39

French singer and model, Quentin Elias died yesterday of a heart attack.

Quentin Elias was the lead singer for French band Alliage in 1996-1999 then he relocated to New York City for a solo career. He began working with music producers and modelled for several fashion designers such as Armani and Jean Paul Gaultier. Originally from France, of Algerian origin, he was born officially in 1980 but others who reported he was born 1974 thus making him only 34 or 39.

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Porn Stars I Miss: Quentin Elias and Junior Stellano

There’s no better adjective to describe these two other than simply ‘hunk.’ Both of them haven’t done gay porn in a while but are still as hot as their porn days. The photos of French musician Quentin Elias show the man has not changed since his last and only gay porn scene as Q at Randy Blue back in 2008. And there’s Sicilian Junior Stellano who is a total stud in these pictures taken last week who still as delicious as when I last saw him in a gay porn scene 2 years ago. There were some tweets he’s pondering a return to gay porn and god I hope that is true. I miss these two!

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