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Ryan Rose Is The Man fucking Ray Diaz & Andrew Fitch

Ever since I saw those photos of Ryan Rose’s shredded body at Folsom, I totally understand why any body would bend over backwards for this man as Ray Diaz and Andrew Fitch did in their scenes. Ryan Rose‘s body is perfect – the perfectly smooth, curved buttocks and hard, concave tummy and the man knows hot to fuck. But the scene I am really looking forwards to is Liam Magnuson fucking Ryan Rose in Falcon release Bucks County.

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Liam Magnuson, Lance Luciano, Connor Maguire Wrapped Filming with Falcon

Bruno Bond wrapped filming of a new Falcon flick this week featuring Ryan Rose and Lance Luciano earlier, followed by a scene of Liam Magnuson, Lance Luciano and Darius Ferdynand and the latest are these pictures showing Connor Maguire fucking Ray Diaz on the set. At the end, porn stars Ryan Rose, Darius Ferdynand, Lance Luciano posed together with cum drippedg down Ryan Rose‘s chest.

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Trystan Bull fucks Ray Diaz in Snow Plowed

I thought that Trystan Bull had retired from gay porn after Next Door closed The Québeçois is back fucking Ray Diaz in the first scene of Tahoe – Snow Packed, another snow themed title from Falcon. Ray Diaz is one energetic bottom as fucks himself on Trystan’s cock at every speed, every angle, and every intensity, until he’s worn a groove in his prostate. They fuck in every position and end up in missionary, dousing themselves with simultaneous blasts of jism.

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