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Rod Daily HIV Scare Causes Ricky Larkin To Retire

There’s a HIV scare in straight and gay porn right now causing hulking Ricky Larkin to announce retirement yesterday. It all stemmed from the HIV test results of Cams Funboxxx, gay porn veteran Rod Daily’s girlfriend, and leading to speculation about Rod Daily‘s status. Rod Daily has been waiting anxiously for his HIV results for the past 4 days.

Straight Ricky Larkin has just returned to gay porn 1 or 2 month ago filming for and will bottom for Gabriel Clark (my speculation) for Rock Candy Films. Too bad that he’s retiring so fast cuz I’d like to see more of this beefy stud.

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Ricky Larkin Got Bigger and Hotter

I had no clue Ricky Larkin had done porn two years ago, he totally flew under my radar until now. This hairy beefy stud has gotten so big that I was drooling over him when I spotted him filming for Rock Candy Films. Branding himself as bigrickxxx, this 26 year old was a twink back in 2011 and after a scene at Extra Big Dicks and Circle Jerk Boys each, he sort of left porn and went to the gym. He’s got a video and pics to prove he’s working hard at the gym.

The latest iteration of Ricky Larkin fucks Joe Parker at High Performance Men in a sweaty encounter and according to the interview with The Sword, Ricky Larkin will bottom at Rock Candy. Judging by the scene he recently shot with Gabriel Clark, I’d be willing to bet that is who he’ll be serving his ass to.

BTW, Luke Is Back blogged in 2011 that Ricky Larkin has a wife and the two had disappeared in Florida after filming a few scenes so the man is gay-for-pay.

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