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Colby Jansen, Tyler Sweet = The Las Vegas for Gay Porn Stars

Las Vegas had big stars such as Celine Dion, Britney Spears, and Elton John but all after the prime of their careers and served as the last stop before retirement. In gay porn, we have for pretty much the same purpose.

Just look at Colby Jansen and Bobby Clark and even my beloved Jarec Wentworth. We can all agree these guys certainly are past their prime but hosts them and guarantees them number of scenes just like the 10 shows Celine Dion sings at Caesars Palace every week.

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Master Jarec Wentworth fucks Sebastian Young

Formerly straight, now bisexual, Sebastian Young get fucked by Jarec Wentworth in Master at Drill My Hole. Most unexpected is the chemistry between the two as they are less mechanical and best is that Sebastian Young is now a better bottom than ever before as he barked out to Jarec Wentworth to ‘put it in me harder’ and begged ‘more, more!’ Jarec plays a convincing master who could totally made Sebastian Young beg for cock up his perky ass.

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