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Kristofer Weston Filmed Seth Fornea and Jared LeBlanc

Ginger god Seth Fornea has been teasing us since his photoshoot and solo bathing in the hot tub for Legendary Bodies 3. The million dollar question has been ‘when will he fuck on camera?’

Well, that moment as finally come as COLT director Kristofer Weston tweeted these photos of Seth Fornea plus boyfriend Jared LeBlanc over the weekend in Sonoma. Seth and Jared were in wine country for Out In Vineyard and met Kristofer afterwards who confirmed the shoot when he tweeted yesterday “jbradfordinc hope you made it home safely. Great to shoot you!”

The pairing is not totally surprising as Seth Fornea mentioned in his interviews that he’d only do a hardcore scene with someone he liked and given that he and boyfriend Jared are inseparable, fucking his boyfriend was only natural. My next question is, is Seth the top or bottom?

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Seth Fornea May Fuck You if You Have Round Face & Plump Lips

If you have a round face and plumps lips, you are in luck because that’s the type of guys the planet’s hottest ginger Seth Fornea goes for. In his latest blog post, Seth discusses his taste for men and how it differs than boyfriend Jared LeBlanc’s taste which explains their open relationship. I am in love with a man who can write more than 140 characters these days and is able to share his his feelings as Seth Fornea does.

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