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It’s All About Christian Cayden and Slate Steele

Slate Steele and Christian Cayden are the only redeeming features of Next Door Studios “Naked Challenge” in which Brandon Bronco, Slate Steele, Christian Cayden, and Dante Martin compete in a race through this inflatable bouncy castle to see who gets to bottom who has to bottom. The only reason to watch this is, seeing Slate Steele sucking cock and Christian Cayden getting fucked by Dante Martin and his cum facial

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Slate Steel and Cody Carter Share Porn and A Helping Hand

Next Door Buddies presents Jailhouse Cock featuring newcomer Slate Steele and sexy fuzzy Cody Carter as prison cell neighbors who find a way to get in the same cell and share some porn. When things get heated, Cody Carter decides he wants his cock sucked and that Slate is the man to do it and it turns out so good that Cody Carter goes for the prize of Slate’s ass. Slate Steel grits his teeth and bites down on the bed as he takes it from his cell mate. There are terrific images and trailer of these two tattooed hotties.

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