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Jesse Jackman fucked by Johnny Parker Wide Awake

Jesse Jackman is a total DILF and the best part is that he gets fucked! Lucky Johnny Parker gets to service Jesse Jackman’s hairy muscle pecs and big, dangling dick in scene 1 of Wide Awake at TitanMen. Jesse moans as he gets serviced, soon returning the favor as his talented tongue teases the underside of Johnny’s shaft. Jesse then sits down on his bud and rides, his hairy ass slamming against Johnny’s furry sac. The top rubs Jesse’s body, the bottom’s cock rubbing against Johnny’s stomach as he grinds down deep. Jesse then gets it doggie style and on his back, the two soon squirting before Jesse stares into our eyes with a smile. You can also check out the behind-the-scene video of the two goofing on set.

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George Ce & Donnie Dean in Stag

Although Donnie Dean started in gay porn at Randy Blue, I always thought he was more suited for the more mature sites such as Titan or Hot House with his adorable yet mature face and hairy lean body. Donnie Dean looks at home with daddy George Ce in scene 1 of Stag at Titan and he’s turning out to be a hungry bottom as he moans George to “stretch that ass!” all the while his ass hairs clinging to George’s shaft. Donnie sits on George’s cock, the bottom’s red -hot boner bouncing up and down and in circles as he rides. Donnie gets on his back, George plowing balls deep before the two come—their cocks grazing each other as they kiss.

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Working Stiffs: Jimmy Durano & Justin Beal

Jimmy Durano can’t keep his eyes off Justin Beal’s ass in Working Stiff scene 2 at TitanMen. Unwrapping the big bulge from Jimmy’s jockstrap, Justin Beal is treated to a rock hard uncut dick which soon goes up that ass and has Justin Beal sporting a solid hard on as he rides Jimmy. No denying I am keenly waiting for Jimmy Durano’s bottoming scene some day but he’s a hot top that gets into the kissing and sucking.

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