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tyler wolf
Kuris Wolfe, Tyler Wolf

Kurtis Wolfe drills gay porn star Tyler Wolf

Both Kuris Wolfe and Tyler Wolf are grade a prime beefcake muscle hunks that know how to fuck. And today they are putting their skills to the test. They playfully map out how they want to fuck each other, flirting and kissing throughout their sexy planning. And when the clothes finally come off, these two start things off with a bang including 69 and sight of Kurtis’ hair ass.

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Angel Rock Looks Hot Even In a Solo

It’s unfair how Angel Rock can be so gorgeous and if you don’t believe it, just see how many times I blog of this Cubanito. Angel Rock looked stunning fucking Liam Magnuson at Hot House earlier and he looks hot even in this solo for High Performance Men. Solos are the bottom of the barrel in terms of sexiness but Angel Rock still pulls it off. His furry torso, uncut cuban sausage and sweet smile makes me melt every time.

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