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Aussie Woody Fox Shaved His Head

Woody Fox unveils his shaven looks, a radical change from his signature thick shaggy hair, in his new Hard Brit Lads scene. Comment as you may, the Aussie still looks hot as he whips out his fat uncut cock for the camera and your eyes are locked onto it until Woody pumps out hot spunk all over his sweaty six pack. Squeezing out every last drop, Woody gives us a final look into camera as he catches his breath.

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Woody Fox Does Gay Porn to be an Aerialist

Woody Fox has been busy the past year rehearsing his art on aerial ropes that is why we haven’t seen much of him in front of the camera. After much rehearsal, Woody Fox, know as Willy Wagtail in Aerial Silks and Rope Circus circes, has graduated as an aerialist last month and shared his solo graduation act which is actually a very beautiful performance.

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